PacWrap Complete System 16", 27", 32", 42"
Dollar for dollar, the finest shrink wrapper you can buy. Here's why!
It's faster. The PacWrap's exclusive safety sealer arm provides one of the fastest and strongest seals available from any shrink wrapper. Simply lower the arm. The red light comes on while the seal is being made (about 2 seconds or so), then turns off when it's done. Release the arm and you'll have a perfect seal. Clean, factory-fresh packages were never so easy! Plus, the PacWrap's long-life element wire and our exclusive blue Doran sealer pad are warranted for TWO YEARS!
It's easier to use. This is where the PacWrap really shines. The shrink film flows smoothly over the extra long film separator bar which makes it easy to insert your package between the film sheets. The heavy-duty, solid-state timer ensures that everybody gets perfect seals every time. The fully adjustable timer will accommodate any film type. No more guessing about how long to hold the arm down. Everybody in your shop is a success when they use a PacWrap's shrink wrapping system!
The PacWrap heat gun saves you $79.95 every time it's dropped! That's the replacement cost of most heat guns supplied with ordinary shrink wrappers. The heavy-duty motor and heating elements are shock mounted in a tough plastic compound case. So, it will withstand all the hard knocks and accidental drops you can dish out and keep running beautifully. Fully warranted for TWO YEARS! The PacWrap's heat gun won't burn holes in your film! It's not only built tougher, but the PacWrap's Heat Gun does a better job because it's designed for shrink film (not burning hot for paint stripping)! No more guessing about how far away to hold the heat gun from the film. Burning holes in your film is a waste of time and money. With the PacWrap's heat gun you can even use it in DIRECT CONTACT with the film and it does a beautiful job. We guarantee it!
Two electrical outlets are built into the back of each unit. A great convenience for a crowded workplace. Plus, our exclusive dual-incline fusing circuitry protects the PacWrap's electronics and the operator. Plugs into any standard household-type outlet.
30-day money-back guarantee! Order now and see for yourself why we are anxious to be compared with any shrink wrapping system you can find in our price range. Pick the PacWrap's system that's right for you. The PacWrap's heat gun and a roll of our ultra clear, ATW 501 basket grade shrink film are included with each system. The 16" system includes a 15" wide by 500 foot roll of ATW 501 ultra clear basket grade shrink film (75 gauge). The 27" system includes a 26" wide by 500 foot roll (100 gauge), 32" system includes a 32" wide by 500 foot roll (100 gauge), and the 42" system includes a 40-wide by 500 foot roll (100 gauge).
Two-year warranty! You deserve a better warranty and that's what you get with the PacWrap's . Two years, including the long life impulse element and the heat gun! We proudly back up what we say because we believe the PacWrap is the best unit you can buy for your dollar. It gives you more important features than some ordinary units selling for twice the price.